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List of current Moderators

Moderators are scientific contributors to the projects funded by the Fintech Lab. They have the right but not the obligation to validate contributions present on the wiki. Each Scientific Moderator brings the scientific responsibility of a validated contribution.

  • Laura Bottazzi
  • Massimiliano M. Croce
  • Peter Gruber
  • Massimo Morini
  • Barbara Rindi
  • Elena Suragni (Adm Staff)
  • Mariachiara D'Attoma (Adm Staff)

Members of the Steering Committee of Algorand Fintech Lab (Expired Dec 2023)

  • Anna Battauz
  • Stefano Caselli
  • Donato Masciandaro
  • Massimo Morini
  • Fulvio Ortu
  • Co-Pierre Georg
  • Sara Caratti
  • Doro Unger-Lee