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Milan Urban Sustainability Action WP Fintech and Tech for Fin. Bocconi Team


The focus of this specific action is focused on the determination of the legal and technological standards that can be adopted in order to make Decentralized Autonomous Organization technologies useful to improve Financial, Environmental Social and Governance performance at the level of real business units and of whole networks of firms. The goal is in particulare aimed at improving financial and productive coordination of Small and Medium Enterprises by means of fintech technologies.

Basic events

  • First week of April 2023. Internal Meeting with presentations of early reports from each of the three sub-units:
  1. Technology Unit
  2. Financial Economic Unit
  3. Legal unit
  • June 8 2023. The main goals of the MUSA action and the specific Fintech initiative have been presented to important members of the professional and the institutional community as part of an event organized within the Bocconi ecosystem.
  • September 14-15 2023. Presentation of the results delivered as Milestone Nr.14 to the scientific community within an event jointly organized by the Bocconi Baffi-Carefin Research Center and the CEPR Research Policy Network in Fintech & Digital Currencies.
  • October 9 2023. Presentation of the basic research goals and of the work-package to the Research and Development Directorate of Regione Lombardia.
  • First semester 2024. We are planning a public presentation of the results dedicated to the professional community with an illustration of the business case that will be considered as a test case to develop the technology.
  • Link to presentation Green Tech for Brown Networks
  • Link to the program of the conference La decentralizzazione delle attività d'impresa
  • Link to the White Paper on Decentralized Firm Network

Main Deliveries

The link to Milestone Nr.4.14

In this report we present a detailed map and a wiki literacy database to illustrate the existing fintech business and the potential growth opportunities related with Decentralized Organizations (DO herafter). It is organized in three parts:

  1. the technologies underlying existing DO and first assessment of the technical underpinnings required to support the project planned.
  2. the financial-economic solutions available relying on existing DOs.
  3. the legal structures supporting the existing DOs.

Current Members of the PNRR Team

The research team is currently coordinated by C. Tebaldi and is composed by:

  • C. Tebaldi
  • F. Bianconi
  • S. Caselli
  • G. Corvino
  • N. Guinetz
  • C. Morato
  • F. Pacchioni
  • L. Zanetti