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  • A crash introduction to the Blockchain by Zero Lab:

Current Contributors and Moderators @ Fintech Lab

The Lab acknowledges the interaction with the leading Bocconi Student Associations active in the area of Blockchain and Fintech space and a number of industry advisors to foster the interaction with the broader fintech community.

Why a wiki project: Introduction from the Scientific Director

Digital transformation is disrupting the financial sector and more generally industrial organization.  This collaborative wiki project offers an efficient medium to cluster and consolidate major achievements in the areas of interdisciplinary research interested by this innovation wave.  

The initial focus of the wiki will be on the financial and economic impact of distributed ledger and machine learning technologies.

The supervised contents included in the wiki are produced and made publicly available by experts of the Bocconi community with the unique goal of creating a common knowledge basis. It will hopefully reduce the time to build a solid scientific discipline in the new interdisciplinary areas that are emerging at the boundaries of both social and hard sciences.

Most of the public debate on these interesting topics takes place through social media and is unstructured. On the contrary, wiki contents are supervised in order to disentangle rigorous theoretical and empirical economic analysis from dangerous marketing narratives.

Moderators will accept a contribution only if it satisfies minimum consistency conditions with general financial economic principles. Wiki contributions may leverage on results already established and published in relevant academic sources like top-tier, peer-reviewed journals. Link to external sources is allowed, but the contributor is required to provide a clear assessment about the nature and the quality of the information retrieved from the source. The bibliography section at the end of each contribution provides a complete list of all utilized information sources.

Contributions are not intended to provide any financial advice and are exclusively intended to promote scientific discussion and dissemination.

The Scientific Director of the Algorand Lab

Claudio Tebaldi